TradeSurge Provides Growth Solutions

TradeSurge offers set rates based on a custom risk and pricing schedule to provide our partners with maximum flexibility tailored to your business objectives and needs. Our proprietary platform quickly provides a risk score and makes an offer to both the Supplier and Reseller. Based on the products offered, funding takes place the same day both parties execute their agreements. Rates vary from 3-9% per month, or as little as 2% of the total Purchase Order (PO) value.

TradeSurge Terms

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    • Up to 50% deposits at time of PO
    • Up to 40% at time of shipment
    • Remaining 10% after buyer receipt

TradeSurge Advance

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    • Up to 90% deposits at time of PO
    • remaining 10% after buyer receipt

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Frequently asked questions about prices

What are the maximum payment terms offered by TradeSurge?

Depending on your trade score, we offer a maximum of 120 Days for any unpaid balances

Who receives payment for the Purchase Order (PO)?

All payments will be made to TradeSurge directly on an approved PO

What services are included as part of a TradeSurge transaction?

In addition to flexible payment terms post-shipment from the Supplier, TradeSurge include a base-Quality Control (QC) regime on every order at no additional cost, providing Resellers peace of mind when they purchase OEM products from international suppliers. As part of this QC regime, we include images of every outbound shipment after it has been verified and tested by one of our QC personnel.

Is there a product warranty on goods sourced through TradeSurge?

We offer a limited warranty on all purchases made through TradeSurge in the form of a 7-day grace period from the date of receipt for any shipment. Resellers have up to 7 calendar days to notify TradeSurge of any manufacturing defects in excess of our Quality Control regime. Our transactional documents will include the Supplier’s preference for resolution, including rework, replace, or credit.

Do you offer Logistics services?

Yes – TradeSurge is currently offering brokering services and actively seeking a Freight Forwarders license in an effort to provide competitive rates to all TradeSurge Resellers.

What is required from me as an Reseller to process my application?

Basic information about your company is required, including a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). From there, TradeSurge will run a credit check against multiple databases, including Equifax and Dun & Bradstreet. If further information is required prior to providing a trade score, TradeSurge will initiate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to request financial statements and/or any other relevant documentation.

What is a Combined Risk Score (CRS)?

A Combined Risk Score is a combination of the Supplier’s historical performance, the Reseller’s financial history, and the submitted PO risk. Each value is assigned a predefined weight and when combined, provide a trade score between A and E. This value, in conjunction with your preference on payment terms, determines any markups incurred throughout the transaction.

What is the least amount required for a deposit on a Purchase Order (PO)?

Depending on your trade score, we offer as little as 25% in deposits, due at the time of PO approval

What payment methods are accepted?

TradeSurge currently accepts Check, ACH, Wires, and Credit Cards. Please note that all prices reflect a cash-discount and Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge.

How are Suppliers vetted prior to joining TradeSurge?

Similar to the Reseller application process, all Suppliers will provide historical export information and be subjected to on-site reviews by our Quality Control personnel. Additionally, we document warranty preferences, quality control processes, and product specifications for any given Purchase Order (PO).

Are there additional Quality Control (QC) services available?

Yes – in addition to our complimentary QC regime, we also offer a Premium QC package for any new or recent OEM production runs, as well as a Custom QC packages, defined by both Resellers and TradeSurge’s QC personnel.

Do I need to use the TradeSurge platform?

While initial communication will come from known suppliers, submission of a Purchase Order (PO) and trade terms are all available for review and execution via the TradeSurge application/interface. We also utilize other 3rd party services like DocuSign for electronic execution of agreements.

Are all Purchase Orders (POs) given the same terms once approved?

No – you and the Supplier engaged in a PO will be each given your own trade scores based on different factors. A combined risk score (CRS) is assessed on each PO, including any risk factors related to that specific order. It is this CRS that is used to determine a PO’s available trade terms.

Do you have a mobile application (app) for TradeSurge?

Yes – we offer access via Zoho Customer Portal app, available in your Apple or
Google Play stores for download