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Why TradeSurge?

If it’s not rising wages or a trade war between countries, we are all too familiar with the struggles and obstacles associated with supply chain management. To bring Resellers and Suppliers together, TradeSurge offers a variety of services to the benefit both parties. Both Suppliers and Resellers have reservations about international business, whether its concerns over quality and an inability to address warranty claims, or inflexible payment terms that favor one party over the other. TradeSurge’s core-functions include offering suppliers multiple prepayment structures based on their needs, addressing component or ramp-up costs associated with any transaction. Additionally, Resellers gain the flexibility to pay some or all of the balance at a later date, including post-shipment from the Supplier. When it comes to guaranteeing the quality of goods being shipped internationally, TradeSurge offers multiple quality control regimes to suit your needs. Furthermore, all Suppliers are pre-screened, going through an approval process that includes identifying their preferred warranty policy of either replacing, reworking, or crediting consumers for any defective goods. TradeSurge also offers such value add-on as: brokering or forwarding freight for customers, and auditing import documentation in an effort to reduce tariff and logistics costs.

  • Benefits for Buyers and Resellers

    • Use flexible payment terms to increase buying power

    • Flexible payment options to best manage operating income

    • Quality Control reports and shipment verification

    • Post-receipt Quality Assurance windows allow you to review goods before you pay

    • Grow your domestic revenues, paying for goods with your margins after you’ve sold them

    • Turn payables into receivables

  • Benefits for Suppliers and Manufacturers

    • Increase export volume without risk to your cash flow• Dictate deposit and shipment payments

    • Delegate billing of international customers to a US-based company

    • Grow your international revenues

    • Quick and Easy Supplier Verification Process

Solutions for Resellers

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Solutions for Resellers

Solutions for Suppliers

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Solutions for Suppliers

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